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    1. 616 (number) - Wikipedia

      616 (six hundred [and] sixteen) is the natural number following 615 and preceding 617. While 666 is called the "number of the beast" in most manuscripts of Revelation 13:18, a fragment of the earliest papyrus 115 gives the number as 616.


    2. Earth-616 - Wikipedia

      In the fictional Marvel Comics multiverse, Earth-616 is the primary continuity in which most Marvel Comics titles take place. The term was first used in "Rough Justice", a story credited to both Alan Moore and Alan Davis published in July 1983 by Marvel UK in the anthology comic The Daredevils...


    3. The reality of Earth-616 has gone through eight different incarnations, all triggered by...

      [The] Prime Universe-- last of the old, first of the new. The hub it all revolves around. Here, science can be magic. Here, we can rewrite every story. -- The Maker. The reality of Earth-616 has gone through eight different incarnations, all triggered by different instances of multiversal renewal...


    4. Земля-616 — Википедия

      В мультивселенной Marvel, Земля-616 (англ. Earth-616) или 616-я Земля — название вымышленной вселенной, в которой происходят события основного канона комиксов Marvel Comics.


    5. 616 (число) — Википедия

      616 (шестьсот шестнадцать) — натуральное число, расположенное между числами 615 и 617. 616 является чётным трёхзначным числом. Сумма цифр числа 616 — 13. Произведение цифр этого числа — 36. Квадрат этого числа — 379 456.


    6. Area code 616 - Wikipedia

      Area code 616 is the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area code for the west-central portion of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. The area code includes the cities of Grand Rapids, Holland, Greenville, and Grand Haven.


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      • Marvel Database, Earth-616 Characters.
      • 'Spinner (Earth-616). 0.


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      • 616 Productions uploaded a video 1 week ago. 4:25.
      • Pierce Yonker Sponsor Edit - Duration: 2 minutes, 10 seconds. 616 Productions.


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      • (previous 200) (next 200). 6. 6R (Earth-616).


    10. Number of the Beast - Wikipedia

      • Fragment from Papyrus 115 (P115) of Revelation in the 66th vol. of the Oxyrhynchus series (P. Oxy. 4499).[16] Has the number of the beast as χιϛ, 616.