«Пламенные башни» (азерб. Alov qüllələri; англ. Flame Towers) — высочайшие здания в Азербайджане, расположенные в Баку. Своим внешним видом башни напоминают три языка пламени. Содержание. [ скрыть]. 1 Проект; 2 Интересные факты; 3 Галерея; 4 Примечания; 5 Ссылки. Проект[править ...


4 Initiator. m. инициатор, датчик инициирующих импульсов.


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The man may be the initiator in action, but the woman is initiator in emotion. He became thus, in later years, the initiator of the


The man may be the initiator in action, but the woman is initiator in emotion.


An initiator can refer to: A person that takes an initiative in making something happen. Modulated neutron initiator, a neutron source used in some nuclear weapons. Initiator, an Explosive booster. Initiator, the first Nuclear chain reaction.


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initiator (plural initiators). One who initiates. (chemistry) A substance that initiates a chain reaction or polymerization. (computing) A task (in a mainframe computer) that initiates multiple jobs. (medicine) A material whose presence in the body eventually leads to cancer.


For the term, see Cursed Children. Initiator (イニシエーター Inishiētā) are Cursed Children, individuals with the Gastrea Virus, that are partnered with an individual from the Civil Security Corporation. Initiators are all Cursed Children, which subsequently means they are female...


The supply of initiator and monomer is regulated by the isoprenoid pathway (figure 2), with hydroxyl-methyl-glutaryl co-enzyme A reductase (HMGR) often being a rate limiting step.


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